Velkommen til ADEC as

Vi arbeider med å oppdatere hjemmesiden vår.
ADEC sitt hovedproduktet er teknisk konsulentbistand og byggtekniske tjenester. Nedenfor finner du litt om ADEC's prosjekter.

For tiden har vi ledig kapasitet, så ta gjerne kontakt hvis du trenger hjelp til ditt prosjekt.


Welcome to ADEC AS

We are working with updating our website.
ADEC's main product is technical consultancy and building technical services. Below you find something abourt projects we hanv participated in.

At the moment we have capacity for new projects.

Snorre A Drilling Facilities

Oil platform "Snorre A" is a floating steel facility for accommodation, drilling and processing in the Tampen area about 150 kilometers west of Florø in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.
The main purpose of the upgrade project was to extend the technical lifetime up to 2040 and improve the HSE conditions.

ADEC as has participated in architectural dicipline at Aker MMO / MH Wirth as Architectural Engineer in Snorre A upgrade project with focusing among others on monitoring suppliers from planning until the handover, LCI, quality check of documentation - both internally and documentation from suppliers, and general administrative procedures.

Oseberg B Upgrade Project

The Oseberg Oilfield is located 140 km northwest of the Norwegian west coast. The field centre is connected by bridges and consists of three platforms, Oseberg A, B and D. Oseberg B - a steel jacket - has drilling, production and injection equipment.
This is project is described as "the first significant drilling upgrade project in the North Sea" and the purpose is to extend the productive life by 25 years compared with the original plans.
Scope of work includes prefabrication and offshore installation of equipment and prefabricated items, and offshore completion and commissioning.

ADEC as has participated in architectural dicipline at Aker Solutions / Aker MMO as Architectural Engineer and discipline lead at Oseberg B upgrade project. Tasks in the project included the monitoring of suppliers, quality check of supplier documentation, general procedures and reporting.

Drilling equipment

ADEC has supplied technical consulting and drawing services for Aker Kvaerner (MH Wirth) equipment department in Kristiansand. Among others "Travelling blocks", "Rotary Tables", "Winches" and "Drums", and "RamRig equipment". Equipment deliveries comprised many projects.

"Noise Hood" for HPU

ADEC has delivered "Noise Hood" containers for AKER Solutions for various projects. The containers impairment were "transport packaging", "noise deflection" and as "HPU-room".

In addition ADEC has provided engineering and technical consulting services, and construction and manufacturing drawings for smaller agricultural and industrial buildings.